you know you are hypoxic when

…..I keep thinking of new ways to nearly strangle myself. I keep thinking that I have hung up the oxygen tubing on every possible thing I could hang it up on. But no, this was a new one. At least with this one I did not lock my car keys in the car. And even if I did, I can take the nasal cannula off. There is that moment of panic: AUGH I AM TRAPPED, but I am not really.

Today’s blog is especially for B who is not trapped.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

2 thoughts on “you know you are hypoxic when

  1. Lou Carreras says:

    After first glancing at your post I moved on to a review of todays Science X newsletter that has like to recent research in lots of area. Lo and behold I found this article that relates to hypoxia:

    • drkottaway says:

      NOT comfortable reading right now! But there is not enough oxygen or concentrators if there is a big breakout in any area.

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