you know you are hypoxic when…

I want a bumper sticker. Or a sign for the back car window. With that logo that means explosive.

Here’s what it will say:

I am on oxygen. Please do not hit me or I will explode.


Actually the explode thing has always been true. It’s only the oxygen that is relatively new.


For the Wednesday Challenge: advantages. Ok, it’s Thursday. I am HYPOXIC so I can’t remember what day it is.

This is kind of an all purpose excuse…. advantage?

The first picture is my roses when that buck was jumping the back fence.

This picture is more recently:

Sometimes, you have to say to yourself: It just doesn’t matter.


…I wonder….

is it really your business anyway?


who are you to be watching?

what are you doing with your life?

spending it as a voyeur?


if you spend all your time watching

thinking you know who is good

and who is evil


what are you contributing to humanity?


who elected you judge and jury?



go ahead

sit in your castles

poke your telescope through the shades

and watch


seems boring to me


I’d rather fight for healthcare for all

I’d rather fight for local housing

I’d rather take in an elderly cat or a foster baby

or an elder whose apartment has been sold out from under them


what about you?

isn’t there ANYTHING

you’d rather do?


thanks to for the title