Mundane Monday #199: portal

For Mundane Monday #199, my prompt is portal.

When has light and photography and conditions lined up for you to take a photograph that feels like a portal? Did you think of it ahead of time and wait for the perfect conditions or was it a combination of having your camera and a happy accident? Where does your portal lead?

Message your entry and I will list them next week.


Last week’s prompt was shooting the sun.

10 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #199: portal

  1. This prompt reminded me of Thursday Doors! I’m often looking for creative ways to post about doors. Mine for this week reminds me of a portal because I took the pictures in Edinburgh, which was one of the settings for Harry Potter. Those books are full of portals.

    Especially the featured picture, which just shows the street, not a particular door, reminds me of a portal into a different world and time.

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  3. bushboy says:

    Here you go Dr Katherine, my first contribution to Mundane Monday

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  5. bushboy says:

    I didn’t know you had a photo challenge…..shall keep an eye out

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