Mundane Monday #198: shooting the sun

For Mundane Monday #198, my prompt is shooting the sun. Mostly we can’t get the sun in a photograph, except then sometimes we can. This was taken on Saturday when it was still overcast. As the storm moved on, the light was wonderful, with areas of bright and areas of dark storm cloud.

What photographs have you taken shooting the sun?

Message or link you photograph and I will post them next week. Have an amazing week among the mundane.


My prompt last week was underlighting.

KLAllendorfer joins in with Double Bach.

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #198: shooting the sun

  1. I’m behind again! This blog has a few pictures with underlighting, but I don’t have the sun here, just the sunrise!

  2. […] Last week’s prompt was shooting the sun. […]

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