Mundane Monday #200: crop.

For Mundane Monday #200, my prompt is crop.

My subject, this hummingbird, has a crop. But I also cropped the photograph. And are we planning crops for the spring? There are other sorts of crops.

Tell us and show us a photograph that uses crop. I will list them next week.


Last week’s prompt was portal.

A new contributor bushboy adds a beautiful portal.

The Photo Junkie also joins with a portal in stone.

KLAllendorfer has photographs that are an Edinburgh portal.

I wondered last week if I should end this version of Mundane Monday with number 200. But I had not given warning, nor asked if someone wants to take over and anyhow, I thought, it gives me joy on Monday. Maybe it does for others too and isn’t one enough? So many thanks to the people reading and the old and new entries.

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