For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: partners.

My plumbing, from the 1930s, backed up yesterday. I pay for emergency service, but they came four hours after I called. I did damage control and then really wanted a shower. My boat is docked at the port, so I went and used the port showers. Whew. That felt better. Plumbing is fixed, hooray.

This pair were swimming in the port when I got there. Snapped with my cell phone. I think they are Barrow’s goldeneye or Common goldeneye ducks. Small diving ducks. They headed away quickly when they realized I was watching.

4 thoughts on “pair

  1. Oh man, that old plumbing…sheesh! Mine is from 1908 so I hold my breath and cross my fingers a lot!! Especially living with all these men (2 of whom are teenage boys!) It’s good to partner with a good plumbing outfit!

  2. curioussteph says:

    Excellent to have a backup shower available. Glad the plumbing is fixed.

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