With both my parents dead, I am so grateful to my aunts and uncle for stepping in. My aunts told me “We are your mothers now.” With my son and his girlfriend living in Maryland, both aunts and my uncle are in Virginia.

The beautiful gifts are from my uncle. He makes them in the shop at the retirement community. We got a tour. He’s currently making a cherry headboard for them.

When I took his picture he said, “Watch out, you’ll break your camera!” But I don’t think so. Thank you, uncle.

One thought on “grateful

  1. When my mom died my Aunts were there. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without them — not just their love and friendship, but the support they gave me as I faced the effects of my mom’s life-long addiction to booze. I loved them very much and am sorry they are now gone. <3

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