T for turtle

Blogging from A to Z,  the letter T! T is for turtle and teenage and travel!

On Hawaii we went to a park and saw green turtles. They are born about 1000 miles away on a different island. They travel in the sea and now come to Hawaii to rest. The ones who rest on the beaches are 20 to 140 pounds. As mature adults, they will be 200 to 400 pounds and live back in the sea.


We both have zoom lenses. We are not supposed to go closer than 20 feet.


And here is one just arriving for a rest:







4 thoughts on “T for turtle

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    Great photos! What a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Colette B says:

    Those turtles are beautiful creatures and so beautifully photographed! Those zoom lenses look heavy but sure appear worth their weight. Another very enjoyable post to visit, thank you :)

  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Great pics. It is wonderful to hear that they are protected to this extent.

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