O trees

Blogging from A to Z, my theme is happy things. O for open, outdoors, over!

Over. How can over be a happy thing? My photograph is from last week, the trees here are so tall and tower over us!

I love to walk outdoors. Outdoors is another happy thing for me. I had a thousand posts on this blog before I really knew what it is about. It is celebrating the place where I heal, where I stay balanced from work: outdoors. I get to share the photographs I take:


Open. When I walk outdoors, my heart opens. I feel joy! It is still dark here this morning, but as soon as it begins to get light, the birds start their madness! I sing back to them. This year I am learning the song of the towhee. The smaller birds are so good at hiding in bushes when I want to take pictures. I want to sing like this towhee:


And those are today’s happy things about the letter O.




4 thoughts on “O trees

  1. areluctantbitch says:

    Your happy things made me smile. (I do love trees.)

  2. shoreacres says:

    You would have loved my 3 a.m. mockingbird. Every year that bird — or one of its descendents or friends — starts up, and for two or three weeks, or until he impresses a girl bird enough to set up housekeeping, that bird sings its little heart out. And wakes me up.

    Today, I couldn’t go back to sleep. By 3 p.m., I ought to be in great shape.

    • drkottaway says:

      I have a song sparrow who shows up each spring in the yard across the street. Some mornings we trade songs for a while! I was walking to work when I ran across the towhee. They are hard to catch in a photograph. (Especially while I am singing back at them!)
      Hope your day is wonderful even with the early morning wake up!

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