Mundane Monday #154

Welcome to Mundane Monday #154: Color contrast.

I am continuing Photrablogger’s Mundane Monday photography posts. Add your pingback and I will list submissions next week. My Monday is much later than photrablogger’s, so I am thinking of posting Sunday night, to get things rolling. Opinions?

I am back from Hawaii and work today. I read about the cardinals in Hawaii. They were introduced to the island from the east coast in 1929. They seem to be  thriving and are so bright against the very verdant greens.

Photrablogger put submissions from the previous week up in the new week. While I was still trying to post remotely last Monday, Colette got the theme: angle.

7 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #154

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  4. Hi, I’m doing Mundane Monday posts again. Here’s mine for this week:

    I’m pretty late in the scheme of things (US Pacific time) so any time you get yours out is probably going to be fine with me. I always saw Photrablogger’s post come out on my Sunday night but I still didn’t always get to it on Monday.

    • drkottaway says:

      I think I will start doing Sunday evening, since it’s Monday somewhere!

      • Colette B says:

        Hi, if that’s for me, don’t rush on my account, I don’t mind joining in on another day of the week. i’ll go with the flow. By the way, my camera got caught in storm yesterday and left with a tech issue to resolve before i can take photos. not sure if an old gadget might work yet, so maybe I can work around it till my new camera gets here :)

  5. […] Mundane Monday Challenge is under new ownership. Check it out at K Ottaway’s Rural Mad as Hell […]

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