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Three happy things today: Birds!

Not a great photograph, right? I like it, partly because it was such a challenge. Still on the big island of Hawaii, we spot two very small birds building a nest. I am zoomed all the way in and holding the camera up to catch a glimpse when one flies in. They are very quick and there is lots of greenery in the way!

I am happy about brains. No, I am not a zombie, I don’t eat them, I just like that my work engages my mind. I learn new things daily from patients, from specialists, from looking up engaging questions! Medicine is changing continuously and I am grateful to be part of it.  (Ok, I am not grateful that insurance companies are increasing prior authorization exponentially.)

I am happy about beauty. Here is another glimpse of our small nest builders and we think we’ve identified them.


I think that this is a common waxbill, also not a native bird. Either that or a black-rumped waxbill but neither of us got a good shot of the back. Hooray for spring and nests.

One thought on “birds, beauty, brains

  1. Colette B says:

    I thought they were very interesting photos. Both contain in the composition some interesting suggestion of shapes including an irregular pentagon. Intriguing. The second bird’s stare is quite startling. I love birds too. We seem to have less arriving back from migrations than previous years but then seeing the birdfalls in Greece i think last year or maybe the year before it’s been really quite awful around the world for our ornothological friends. Generally we should protect them better. But thankful we (UK) have birdsong still. Another excellent AtoZ post for B. i’ll catch up with your series while here…

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