A picture of me and my sister in early 2012, about 6 weeks before she died.

Some days are about longing.

There is a door, so I submit this to Norm2.0 Thursday Doors.

9 thoughts on “sister

  1. jesh stg says:

    Sorry you have to miss her. Dr’s have to grief too, hope you allow yourself that time:):)
    In my internship for my dr. I worked for a half year for a rotation in Hospice in Kaiser Permanente (the biggest insur. co. in California) and we did home visits, so I’m famiilar with what you are going through.

    About your bio – my brother MD (retired now) left the births often to a midwife, because in the Netherlands midwives are certified, and very skilled – approx 80% of the births are done at home:)

    • drkottaway says:

      Half of the pregnancies in the US are high risk now, which complicates things.

      • jesh stg says:

        help -half of them? Wow! What are the reasons?

        • drkottaway says:

          all sorts: under 16, over 35, type II diabetes, hypertension, has had a heart transplant, twins, congenital heart disorder with surgery (mom, not baby), rheumatoid arthritis, etc, etc.

          • jesh stg says:

            Am beginning to realize many more mothers are not that healthy. Probably because most in my circle of friends and acquaintances are the healthy ones. Thank you for enlightening me.

  2. Such a beautiful photo, you must miss her terribly.

  3. V.J. Knutson says:

    Sometimes there are no words…I too lost a sister to cancer…too young…too much of life unexplored…

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