This is for photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #129.

We were two of the three first responders to a house fire across the street and two doors down two weekends ago. The house was an inferno when we got there. Both the resident and two cats got out. The fire was in the morning. We returned in the evening and walked around. It is terrifying to see what melts, what explodes, how fast the destruction can happen.

And sending love to the injured and lost in Las Vegas and still thinking of all of the hurricane victims.

I wish today were mundane.



Our heron keeps an eye on us, her paparazzi, but begins to groom her feathers in the early morning fun. I am thinking about keeping my balance on the branch, way up in the air, and then I cannot do that with my neck. She is amazing! And so calm and relaxed moving on a high branch in the tree.

For the Daily Prompt: athletic. I wish I were that strong and limber.