I park on the hill

I walk to the coffee shop by the water
because I dream of earthquakes

The car is up the hill

I say to the earth
Please wait until the construction is done
So the old buildings won’t fall down

Today I see
The earthquake has happened

You died

Death heals any split left within us

I know you are healed

You are with our mother
Our grandparents
Our ancestors
And know you are loved

I know I am not really separated from you

I know that I will see you again

And yet each minute lasts 1000 years
Until I see you again

The earthquake has happened

I still ask the earth to wait

I still park on the hill.


5 thoughts on “Parking

  1. Clare says:

    This is very beautiful Katherine, and also very sad at the same time. I have a few tears here.


  2. moey z says:

    Hey, it’s moeyz from E2. This is lovely and bittersweet….

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