E for egg and Easter egg. I was up very early this morning, excited about returning to work tomorrow, and am dying eggs. When my mother was in hospice in 2000, she said, “This will be the first time in 42 years that I have not dyed eggs.” My sister and I looked at each other and went to buy dye and eggs. My mother was staying in bed most of the time, but she got up and came to the dining room, to dye one egg. We hid the eggs and baskets on Easter and she watched out the window while her three grandchildren searched for the eggs. My daughter was two, niece was one and 1/2 and my son was seven. My mother died in May. I remember her every time I dye eggs.

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  1. stu06bloc9 says:

    Hi, just browsed your A to Z posts, well done for catching up and getting ahead :) best wishes

  2. The A – Z challenge sounds very interesting! Is it your own? Or did you get the idea from another blog? I’d like to do it too.

    BTW, if I didn’t tell you before, your theme is fabulous! I LOVE the top, which reminds me of the start page on my W8.0 OS. The colors are really wonderful, and as I scroll down, they change color! How cool is that?

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