For the Daily Prompt: popular.

I was on Herron Island for two nights. We were the second responders to a house fire and called 911.

Are the gulls grouped for social reasons? For survival too. If there is a predator, those sleeping will be awakened by the others.

The hurricanes and the house fire: I am thinking about emergencies and emergency response and emergency preparedness. How are you prepared? The fire trucks had to come to the island by ferry and it took twenty minutes.

I am donating to Shelterbox, that sends disaster boxes all over the world, shelter, water filters, cooking equipment and food supplies. And crayons and a coloring book for the children. I hope they are arriving in all the places, wars, hurricanes and other disasters.

Happy cat

This is for photrablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #46. Boa Cat eschews all commercial cat scratch posts and blankets and containers, but she likes to lie by me in the early morning when I write. I took a box and put one of my fleece jackets in it. Purrrfect. She curls up there in the morning and I can move the box easily. She likes it best on the table in the middle of everything so that she can watch when I leave for work.

Next I will decorate the box… I need some beautiful paper for Boa.

Safe harbor

For Ronovanwrites haiku challenge #70, prompt words cover and color.

cover, shelter all
colors, would you harbor me
should be a cover

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Would you harbor me?

I thought about cover meaning shelter and meaning the song, and the refugees needing shelter, harbor and cover. We are frightened and seek cover, shelter, harbor. Who do we have to harbor us but each other?

The photo is a synchronized swimmer in 2012.