Oooo, I put orientation up as the Ragtag Daily Prompt today. Then I wondered if disorientation is a word and it is! A mouthful!

This is a series of poems or meditations or arguments I had with myself last week. I was thinking about love and how to handle people that I love that have stopped behaving in a loving way or have actually been cruel or cut me off. Do I stop loving them and hate them? Do I love them anyhow? What would that love open me to? Abuse? It is disorienting to think about. Here is the series.


The Fall

I am small. The adults love me and give me away. I grieve each time. It doesn’t matter if I behave well or not: they leave me. I decide that the adults are confused. They do not know how to love. Why don’t they know? I want to understand! Babies should be loved! We are innocent!

All babies should be loved and protected. I do, with my sister. The adults continue their mysterious crazy doings. I recognize that alcohol does not help, nor other choices.

All babies should be loved and protected. All adults were babies once. Sometimes they were not loved and protected and they are damaged. I train and then I doctor them. Healing is slow.

All babies should be loved and protected. All adults were babies once. All adults hold a baby that should be loved and protected: themselves. I try for a long time.

All babies should be loved and protected. All adults were babies once. Each adult makes their own choices, to heal or not. To grow or not. To love themselves and the Beloved or not.

All babies should be loved and protected. All adults make choices. The Beloved loves them all.

I am not the Beloved. Nor an angel. I dream of falling.

I am not the Beloved. I let go. I fall.

I do not love them all.


Yesterday I fell. I let myself dislike four people that I loved.

But no, I choose not. Angels fall and rise again. I choose love. If that means distance, then I choose distance. For now I will love the cruel ones from a distance. No contact.

The Buddhas laugh at the needy ones, the angry ones, the ones who press. Some will be enlightened, some wait for the next life. The Buddhas laugh because they do not control it. It may be the quiet one who says nothing who rises, while one who wants and wants and wants may have to want for longer. Why, Beloved? Isn’t wanting you enough? Isn’t longing enough? How much must one want? How deeply must one long?

I choose love.

Prayer to Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin, I am sorry. I cannot be a Bodhisattva. I am tired. I grieve. I want to love everyone. They hate it. If I love the small child within they are reminded of the hidden hurts and they lash out. I am tired. I don’t want to be the target of that. Kwan Yin, how to do you return and return again, loving these? I am not strong enough. I give up. I throw myself on your mercy, I bow to your infinite love and strength, I abase myself. Forgive me, I am not strong enough. I give up. I do not have enough love in my heart and I am so tired.

Beloved, I am sorry. I tried.

Every Being (Sonnet 9)

Keep the cruel ones at a distance far.
Hold your enemies close in love’s embrace.
None to hate, yet cruelty glints like stars.
I hide quiet with cats in this home space.
My heart opens like the universe.
Projections batter me from head to toe.
Why tear at me with their deep hurts?
They project their pain: inside they know.
They know, don’t know, choose not to learn.
Dark rooms and texts and staring at the screen.
My skin scalded, heart black with new burns.
I think they’d like me too to turn out mean.
I will hide here with Beloved’s dove.
Each tear I cry sends every being love.

In spite of want

Sol set in my heart and rises again. I can love whoever I want. There are no boundaries to love. But I will not be abused or used, I will love quietly and silently and without letting my love know. And I will love who I want. No, I will love in spite of want, though I do not want to, though it is not deserved. But I honor my stubborn heart that does not let go of love.

Blessings, Beloved.

6 thoughts on “Disorientation

  1. Perpetua says:

    So much orientation and disorientation about love put in poetry with voice-over. What is not to like? Love but do not like it. That’s my motto. The answer is love.

  2. Disorientation certainly better be a word, as it was a primary issue for trauma patients, especially those with head injuries and older folks; and worse the longer they were there. Life in a hospital tends to be disorienting…even more so for the patients.

  3. Ah…the way I understand being a Bodhisattva you don’t have to ever get there. Compassion is complicated, as I learned with my brother. Ah, my brother and my mom. Complicated fucking loves, those two. With my bro (a manipulative life-long drunk who used me) I’ve reached a peace involving forgiveness and love for all the things between us that led me to HERE. I miss him a lot am sometimes angry at his choices but less and less. More angry at me for mine. My mom? Another manipulative life-long drunk who was objectively abusive to me. Many of the things about myself that I love I “got” from her, but I’ve accepted that we might derive wonderful things from relationships from people who have nothing for us but ill will — if that. I came to see that if I no longer loved them, I would lose a piece of myself. That’s hugely expensive and makes them victors, makes evil a victor.

    Anyone who genuinely and constantly
    With both hands,
    Looks for something
    Will find it.

    Though you are lame and bent over
    Keep moving
    Toward the Friend
    With speech and silence, with sniffing about, stay on the track

    When some kindness comes to you, turn
    That way, toward the source of kindness.
    Love-things originate in the ocean.
    Restlessness leads to rest.

    Rumi, One Handed Basket Weaver

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