No mosquitoes

Do they really have toes? I don’t know. Probably, tiny insect toes to hold on.

I still have a daisy blooming outside in spite of weather dropping below freezing off and on for a week. We had snow flurries, but further out in the county, they got inches of snow. Port Townsend is in on the Quimper Peninsula, sticking out from the Olympic Peninsula, so all that water gives us a different microclimate.

This is the second year for my “Christmas stick”. I put it up last year because I had these two kittens tearing things apart.

First I need to get the stick to stand. I had a bare stick, with the angel on top, for a week.

Then I cut four branches from the huge tree in my yard and added them to the stick.

The cats wondered, but this year they are not knocking it over so far. I put up lights and decorations yesterday. Not the glass ones: paper and soft ones. Because I’m not sure about the cats.

The cats still aren’t sure about it. We tend not to have a lot of mosquitoes even in summer, partly because the wind often howls up my street. The mosquitoes are blown inland. Too cold right now.

Happy Christmas stick!

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: mosquito.

3 thoughts on “No mosquitoes

  1. I just erect a Christmas concept. It’s easy to decorate, dogs don’t bother it, and taking it down only needs a couple of second. ;-)

  2. Mosquitos? December?! We have legendary mosquitos around here. On occasion, small children are carried off. When I lived in a semi-arid California climate (where mosquitos are things you read about) and managed a housing project, a resident complained to me that she saw a mosquito on her patio. She wanted me to call an exterminator. I clarified that it was a single mosquito. If she were to see it again, I urged her to slap it. I didn’t hear from her again.

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    We always put some cat safe ornaments at the bottom for Xenia. Especially little bells, and balls.

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