conservation of energy

“Zippy?” says Elwha. “The sun is out. We should just lie in the sun. We are conserving energy, absorbing it.”

Do cats make vitamin D? We had sun yesterday and we have been having rain for MONTHS.

Meanwhile, the zippy group are the sailors doing the R2AK! After the initial terrible weather for the first leg, with three boats capsizing and one dismasted, only a few make it to Victoria the first day! Other boats sheltering at Dungeness Spit until the weather got less hairball and then crossed. Boats left Victoria at noon yesterday. Blessings for the rescuers and the rescued! Follow the race here:

Remember, this race is human powered. Sails and some other mode, paddlewheel or rowing or bicycle power. No support boats and they have to carry all their supplies! The first prize is $10,000 and the second prize is the coveted set of steak knives.

Field reports are posted daily. Hooray for the zippy, brave, and hopefully reasonably cautious sailors and rowers! Go teams!

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: zippy.

3 thoughts on “conservation of energy

  1. In answer to your question

    ‘However, cats are very poor at producing vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure. They get their vitamin D from their food’

    I hope you are feeding Elwha lots of vit-D rich food to fill this lack KO…..

    By the way which team/boat/floaties is Elwha rooting for?

    Zippy on up there…

    • drkottaway says:

      These “kittens” were supposedly born last July. I think they may have been born earlier and rather starved. Elwha especially had food insecurity and ate like he had been starved initially. I gave them kitten food as recommended, but got some “all age” food last month. Both cats decided that they wanted that food and disdained the kitten food. Now our grocery store is out of it. Rats. I am rooting for ALL of the boats, hoorah for them! I love the human powered and wind powered travel. We have the Kinetic Festival in the fall, too.

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