the luxury of space

For the Daily Prompt: simplify.

We say we want simpler lives, but do we? The Olympics are starting. I took this at the 2012 National Synchronized Swimming event. It was anything but simple. Teams of eight girls, often with two alternates, with gear and parents and coaches, converging from all over the country. Hours and hours of practice, elaborate swimsuits, music, hair fixed in place for the performance, lifts out of the water.

The front part of the pool is empty. The teams of girls are along the edge, warming up, getting ready for competition. There were over thirty teams. Not simple at all.

Magazines portray houses with a shelf or a table, empty except for a vase and a single book. My books escape their shelves and careen around the house, in spite of my little free library… My house does not look like those magazines, but I love it.

What does simplify mean? For me, it is not the empty surfaces. I admire those but don’t much aspire to them. For me it means spending quiet time every day listening to my heart and doing my inner work.




11 thoughts on “the luxury of space

  1. I feel the same whenever I read that people should get outside and watch less TV. I love TV and still find plenty of time for walks and outside activities! Is it so hard to enjoy both?

    • drkottaway says:

      I might not be the best person to ask, since I turned the tv off four years ago. I have taken friends for hikes who are so unfamiliar with the woods that they are terrified. How do you have time to work too?

  2. V.J. Knutson says:

    This is a good definition. Time to be alone with our thoughts. Time just to enjoy.

  3. breakdownchick says:

    Hi hun, I nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award, if you would like to participate heres the link, thank you for all you bring to the blogging community. :-)

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