I was trying to follow the heron in flight. This is not in focus, but I like it anyhow! I need a tripod and practice, or just lots more practice…. Photographing synchronized swimming, timing is important, but at least they stay in the pool.

And look at those wings!

6 thoughts on “follow

  1. Think it captures the way the eye sees the flight, captures the motion of flight better than something less blurry, but it is not too blurry so the image shows the splendid lines, like the bend of wing and curve and neck.

  2. shoreacres says:

    I like the photo, too. As for tripods — for birds in flight, hand-held is the way to go. Set your camera for multiple-image shooting, or, if you have a sports setting, use it, just to see how it works for you. Once you focus on the bird, it holds focus and keeps shooting, so you can usually find some images that are great in the midst of it all.

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