solitary tree and thought

Sunrise in Wisconsin last week.

My solitary thought this morning is about ethics. It does not matter what the other person has done, we still must be true to our ethical values. This means that a contractor can’t refuse to pay a worker. I am thinking of my own behavior but I am also thinking of the White House. I want an ethical president, a president who takes responsibility, a president who does not blame others, a president who stands up for what is right. A president who put ethical values first. Not money. Not predation. Not fake news. Not lies. Not corporations over citizens. Citizens are people. A corporation is not a person.

I want an ethical president who will not lie.



5 thoughts on “solitary tree and thought

    • drkottaway says:

      ….thank you though I don’t think everyone would agree….

      • Hardly does everyone agree. Even on the most obvious issues you have different voices.

        • drkottaway says:

          When my son was four he asked why the neighbor took him to McDonald’s and I didn’t. I said, “She likes McDonald’s and I don’t.” He said, “Why are people different?” I said, “You have discovered one of the great and important things in the world. That people ARE different. And if they weren’t, wouldn’t it be boring?”

          • Our differences enrich us. We should take them as a positive factor but often we take it negatively – that the one who is different is not ours and must be treated as such. Actually the one who is different complements us in a way. They offer what we do not have and the equation is balanced.

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