Pink and blue

This is for Jithin’s Mundane Monday Photo Contest. I took this in the evening last week when I had a cold and was lying on the guest bed at home. I was nauseated when I stood up, so spent two days at home. I saw one patient on the first day and called the rest myself. If the doctor calls and sounds horrible and says they are contagious, most people are willing to reschedule….

9 thoughts on “Pink and blue

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  2. I’m sorry you were ill. Even the doctor needs some down time. How do you stay healthy seeing patients all the time?

  3. Wonderful photo showing your creative side and the wonders of having a camera.

  4. trablogger says:

    This is the beauty of photography and having a camera. Even if you are down or bored, you can always play with your camera.
    Nice frame and the evening sky looks lovely.

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