The Wedding Bells part 17 (Flash fiction chain number 6)

This is my second contribution to flash fiction number 6, hosted by Jithan, Photrabloger, with his beautiful photograph as inspiration. This is part 17, with the theme being a sweet romance, going around a second time because the ending was uncertain.

Major characters:

  • Anna Brighton- 32 year old CEO who owns and runs a publishing company
  • Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex, Toby Blackwell’s cousin
  • Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate, Alex’s cousin

Minor characters:

  • Jenny- Anna’s secretary
  • Melissa Doyle –the bride, Anna’s dear friend
  • Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.

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Part 17

Alex stood starting at the arrow with the heart shaped tip. Anna reached towards him. “Never mind that,” she said, her hands trailing from his shoulders down his arms.

“Wait,” said Alex. “Are you hurt? This doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s just the cupid, Melissa told me,” Anna murmured as she tried to slide into a close embrace.

“No, Anna! You don’t want him! You want me!” Toby was in the doorway. He, too, was holding an arrow with a heart shaped tip. He looked dazed.

Alex stepped away from Anna. “You’re both drugged!” he said.

“When I opened my eyes I knew. I have never been so in love!” said Toby. He was coming towards Anna, arms outstretched. Anna backed towards Alex.

Sara, the flower girl, came in. “Anna?” she said, “You said you’d take me in the garden.” She was holding the paper cone with the ribbons and the bells tinkled. It was empty of flowers now.

“You shot me!” said Toby. He grabbed Sara’s wrist.

“Let go!” said Sara. She was trying to pull away, not quite scared yet.

“Let her go!” said Anna and Alex together. And Anna lost it. Her temper. “Don’t move,” she snarled at Alex, who stared at her in surprise. “Toby,” Her voice was sultry as she walked towards Toby and the little girl. Toby looked up. “Darling,” said Anna, “Don’t think about her.”  She slid her hand up Tobys arm and rested it on his shoulder. Toby dropped Sara’s wrist and reached for her. Sara jumped out of reach and Anna clocked Toby: elbow strike to the temple and foot to the shin. He went down hard. Anna stood over him, ready to strike again.

“Shit!” said Toby, “Ow!” He curled up holding his head.

Sara was clapping, Alex saying, “Anna, Anna, that’s enough.” He touched her shoulders and she let him back her away from Toby.

She looked at Alex. He was grinning. “Trained, I see.”

“Supposed to help with the business killer instincts,” said Anna, a bit sheepishly. Sara was hugging her legs. She picked the little girl up.

“Sarah, do you know where these arrows come from?” asked Anna.

Sara touched the arrow. “No. Mine are suction cup. Mom only lets me shoot at windows.” The tip of the arrow was red. Sara stuck her finger in her mouth. “Mmmm. Jam.” she said.

Toby was sitting with his head in his hands. “I have the mother of all headaches.” he said. “Shit. Anna, I’m sorry.” He looked up. “That didn’t help with my hangover at all. You hit hard.”

Alex held out a hand and helped Toby up. “You both look more normal now. What is with the jam arrows? What is this cupid story?”

Sara waved her cone and the small bells rang. “I don’t know,” said Anna, snuggling the little girl. “Let’s go out in the garden and compare notes. And get you some flowers for that cone,” she said to Sara.

“I am going for an ice pack,” said Toby, “Enjoy yourselves….”

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  1. writenlive says:

    Lovely. But it looks like the heart tipped arrows also bring on anger and uhhh… a little violence :-) The cupid part is getting interesting and neither man letting up.

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    • drkottaway says:

      so how many more sections? What’s with the cupid? Is Sara the cupid or not? I have so many questions…..

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