I have no living blood siblings. However, I have five brothers. And a sixth, who is mean, so we won’t count him.

One is my neighbor from Alexandria, Virginia, from when I was 14.

Two others are from college: I lived with the family, old friends of my parents, for a year.

The fourth is my Danish exchange brother.

The fifth is my brother out-law, my niece’s father.

I am very well brothered. Three are mixed Caucasian/African American, one is Chinese American, and the other is Danish. I have a very diverse group of brothers.

My brother out-law owns a bike shop. I took him the t-shirt pictured, boxed in a beer six pack box. He is very pleased because he runs a bike shop. The t-shirt won’t fit him but he promptly hung it up. The t-shirt is a hand me down from my daughter to me and now to him.

I am blessed to be so well brothered!