Medical conditions

I am reading the list of medical conditions that put people at high risk from Covid-19.

I can nearly say that being a live human “bean”, as Walk Kelly would say, puts one at high risk from Covid-19.

My intuition studies medical conditions
alcohol, overweight, diabetes, drugs
it doesn’t say much about auto emissions
or the healthy power of genuine hugs
hypertension, asthma, bad livers or hearts
Covid could get you if you don’t watch out
I wonder if risks include noxious farts
I’m in denial and not a bit stout
dementia, disability, HIV or depression
check off the ones you don’t have, think positive!
I eat an ice cream bar while secretly confessing
that eating and drinking might be causative
Happy or sad or pie in the sky
There is a daily risk that I could die


Really, that list contains nearly everyone.

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  1. This is great!!!!

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