The pinch

I am Elwha.

Mother has relented, a little. I could feel the pinch of hunger in my belly. She seemed to be ignoring the offerings in my bowl. My sister has helped. She is able to climb up and get the gloves with the delicious animal smell. I do not know what the animal is, but it makes me more hungry than ever. She brought me a glove from high on the shelf and added it to the bowl after we had our sparse morning feeding! I was starting to feel as if my belly was pressed against my ribs! My sister is still rounded. She is smaller and doesn’t have my needs.

Yesterday I talked to mother all day and she finally relented and gave us extra food! We were out in the bird watching box for a good half hour. My sister talks about zippers but she is not able to manipulate them to let us out. We would very much like to eat one of those birds! Or four. Or more. Some, the gold ones, are very small. It is cold out and the sky wets on us, so I am more hungry than ever!

My sister would run out of the bird watching box in a moment. I would catch a bird, but then go back in. Those cars and trucks going by terrify me! Especially the recycling one and the buses. They want to devour me, I know it. Mother does not seem to fear them.

I feel better with the extra food. I hope that mother continues to give it to us. At least until we catch those birds.


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: pinch.

4 thoughts on “The pinch

  1. Great blog post! I love how you were able to capture the perspective of the cat and make me empathize with its hunger. It’s also interesting to see the interactions between the cat and its family members. I am curious, do you think the cat’s fear of the buses and recycling trucks is a common thing among cats or is it just something unique to this cat’s personality? Thanks for sharing!
    P. T

    • drkottaway says:

      I think this cat has PTSD and more so than his sibling because they were starved as small kittens. He was hugely anxious about food when I got them and was supposedly about 6 weeks old. He grew out at first and panicked every time there was food, completely bolted it. He weighed less then his sister to start with, equal in a month, and more in two months. He’s now about a year and a half and 16.4 pounds. He was up to 19 and I had to start reducing his food a bit. He doesn’t like it but both cats know when the two feeding times are and he’s less panicky. Still, cat PTSD.

    • drkottaway says:

      I should start a second career as a cat shrink, heh.

  2. curioussteph says:

    oh, poor suffering Elwha. You and my late Lucy might have enjoyed commiserating together.

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