Sometimes paths meet and we walk together for a while.

Still we are separate. Promises made, friends forever

and yet the path diverges, one person leaves. We

can’t see that in the future. I am wary of always and

never, I try not to use them. I will not promise friends

forever: addiction could drive me away or lies or betrayal.

I might still love. I might return to be present for death

but still, I will not say forever.

Because that is a lie.


I took the photograph yesterday blind. We were on Marrowstone and could not see what was out in the water. It changed shape though. I took this zoomed all the way out and then still couldn’t see what was there until I downloaded the photographs. We thought it was a stick. Or a turtle. Then we wondered if there are turtles in the Salish Sea. I googled Salish Sea turtle and get this: https://www.epa.gov/salish-sea/marine-species-risk. That’s a bit sad. Read on down, though, because it lists seven things we can do to help.

No Salish Sea turtles though.

What about the Olympic Peninsula? Here: https://www.nps.gov/olym/learn/nature/amphibians-and-reptiles.htm. Not an ideal climate for reptiles, it says. Well, no, I agree. No turtles listed, but there are some other reptiles.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: junction.

And still, people are being found under the rubble alive, though far more dead. Prayers and praise for the searchers and the victims and families. A song for them:

10 thoughts on “Junction

  1. Perpetua says:

    A group of sea lions having a party. When I was in Mexico, I helped release baby turtles into the sea. There are many people still protecting sea creatures.

  2. That looks like some sea lions. That’s a wonderfully thoughtful piece. Unfortunately, humans will not stop until there is not a single living plant, tree or creature on the planet. Greed means Earth will resemble Mars by 2100 I believe.

    • drkottaway says:

      Dang, at a distance I can’t tell who is who. The sea lions do wonderful roaring.

      • They mould into one don’t they. I’d love to hear them we dont have them in the UK I don’t think think. I get to see North Sea grey seals often, all they do is honk a bit.

        • drkottaway says:

          We have harbor seals and sea lions and then elephant seals out on Protection Island, which sort of blows my mind. And I’ve seen a sea lion who had to be 10 feet long surfing the waves at the Fort Worden lighthouse and then swimming back to do it again and again. Impressive!

          • Oh wow! You are so lucky to live near all those seals. To see them regularly is a magical.

          • drkottaway says:

            I have only seen the Protection Island ones once when friends took me on a boat ride around it. I thought, gosh, those giant rocks are really strange, all in a line. Turned out the giant rocks were elephant seals. I love the beaches and water here!

          • Haha! Those are big rocky seals alright!
            I think I’d need a boat of my own if I lived there.

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    The article on species at risk is rather sober reading.

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