I walked downtown in the sun the last two days. It is gorgeous with the leaves still on the trees and falling. Usually it is raining now, so the beautiful fall weather is a little disconcerting. A bit worrisome, even as we enjoy it.

The statue is Galatea, the Haller Fountain, here:

Galatea is one of fifty Nereids, sisters, born to Nerius, the God of the Sea in Greek Mythology. The statue that was granted life in Pygmalion by Aphrodite is also Galatea. Galatea is also the fourth inner closest moon of Neptune.

If she comes to life, what will she do? I keep thinking that the earth is coming awake and shaking us to wake us up. Storms and earthquakes and hurricanes and floods. Wikipedia says “The Nereids symbolized everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea.” That seems ironic too, as the sea starts to rise more and more.

We can’t break the earth’s laws, or she will break us.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: law.

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