hanging on

Hanging on, roots exposed.

To let go, or wait until the last moment?

For Cee’s Flower of the Day, at the end of the alphabet.

4 thoughts on “hanging on

  1. Lou Carreras says:

    Love that song, but can’t listen to it too often. It is just too beautiful in a sweet but sad way.

  2. China Dream says:

    Something is holding it there, there is always hope.. in Nature, anything is possible.. especially with faith.

    • drkottaway says:

      The sand cliffs are eroding here and fall with the high tides. One summer day I was walking on North Beach and kept hearing a soft sound. I looked and it was sand, falling down the cliffs, with a soft swish that was continuous. It was falling all along the cliffs. I turned back. I have also had a boulder larger than my head fall down and roll past me, while I frantically backpedaled. And I have come to the beaches here and seen whole sections of cliff fallen, out well into the low tide zone, with trees, dying now that they are down in the salt twice daily. Nature knows of death, too. Life tries to live but will die.

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