Volume of water

We check the tides before we go walk the beaches on the Olympic Peninsula. I am learning the patterns of the tide locally. On North Beach, the tide is about an hour later each day. However, low tide is at a different time further out the Olympic Peninsula. I had to think about that a bit.

Picture the tide a low with the Salish Sea volume down. Then the tide turns and starts flowing back in. The Salish Sea is like the roots of a tree, with a main trunk and then branches and branches and more branches. There is water coming in from the land, from streams and from rivers, but the tide rolls in from the trunk first and then spreads through all of the roots. I have a tide table for the peninsula for this year, and it has tables for multiple different sites! Most days we have two high and two low tides, but once in a while the low goes out so little that it matches both highs, and we only have two tides that day, a high and a low!

I took the photograph at Dungeness Spit this month. The tide was nearly low when we started walking and we only went 2-3 miles down the spit and turned back. It is beautiful! Check the weather, check the tides and always take something rain proof, even in July. Our water is not warm.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: volume.