spring door

For Norm2.0’s Thursday doors.

I am lame! I meant to start photographing doors in town but I was distracted by snow and hummingbirds and eagles. And then I tweaked my back so I really am lame…. but this is a virtual door, to think of spring, in spite of the snow.

Here are orchids and snow and then a hummingbird to make up for it.

white orchids with pink throats in front of a snowy window
Anna's hummingbird on a snow covered lilac bush

3 thoughts on “spring door

  1. BeckyB says:

    Think I’ll stick to my winter sojourns in Southern Portugal, I thought English winters were a challenge but then I looked at your lovely pic!

  2. Norm 2.0 says:

    After another 15 inches of snow this week I’ll take any signs of spring that I can get :-D

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