For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: bask.

Well, we were not warm in this picture…. it’s a basking position, but it certainly made me nervous. This is my son… GET OUT OF THERE! He wanted pictures. I took pictures quickly… OUT!


6 thoughts on “bask

  1. all of the above…even though my son is 46, I hold my breath half the time!!

  2. MNL says:

    Sorry, I posted my Saturday prompt on Friday — got my days confused. It will go back tomorrow and your pingback should still appear on it.

    Wow! I can see why you wanted him to stop laying there. How long as the rock been like that?

    • drkottaway says:

      don’t know… we were on top of the bluff above Palm Springs. This was clearly dangerous…….AUGH!!! says mom, GET OUT OF THERE! But at the same time, that’s what it feels like sending a high school student off into the world…. watch for falling rocks and be careful, when we totally know they won’t be careful all the time.

      • MNL says:

        that is a great metaphor for that — i think partly too even when finishing high school, as a teenager that was that unconscious feeling that as long as your parents were around, nothing bad could really happen to you no matter how you flirted with danger. When you’re lucky enough to have good parents — I know not every body does.

    • drkottaway says:

      I know… mom yapping at him while he grins, but hey, that rock could totally squash him!

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