Mundane Monday #181: shadow

For Mundane Monday #181, my theme is shadow. Halloween is approaching, yesterday was gloriously sunny in the afternoon here, but the shadows are darkest when the sun is brightest. Contrast. I took this from a downtown restaurant balcony, out over the water.

What shadows and contrasts have you photographed? Send your link or a message, and they will be posted next week.

From last week, Mundane Monday #180: fall coral.

KL Allendorfer with real coral.


4 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #181: shadow

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  3. I love shadows in the water. They make such interesting pictures. They also remind me a little bit of the wave tank from high school physics class! It was set up with a clear bottom, light shining through, and two point sources of waves in the water. You could then see the wave interference pattern in the shadows under the tank.

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