Mundane Monday #170: beach play

For Mundane Monday #170, my theme is beach play. Structures, castles, games. Happy July…

Here is the link to Mundane Monday #169: shadow.

Send your pingback for photographs of beach play: is it the clouds that reach you? The contrast between temporary and more long term? Gull footprints in sand? The boundary between ocean and sand?

Have a wonderful week.

5 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #170: beach play

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  2. I have a handful of beach blogs. I love the beach–Great theme! This is the one I put up for this challenge, from my recent cruise in the British Isles:

    But I also like the pictures in this one, from Bean Hollow State Beach in California, closer to home:

    And this one, which describes a beach vacation from my childhood in North Carolina:

    • drkottaway says:

      My grandparents lived on the outer banks when I was a kid… I still have boxes of fossil shark teeth that we picked up. It was gorgeous!

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