Mundane Monday #171: faces

For Mundane Monday #171, the theme is faces.

This is taken at a 90th birthday party, all three people related. I was trying to get candid shots when people were moving and talking, so this was a happy result.

Also, Trablogger is returning in August, so I don’t know if he will take Mundane Monday back over: stay tuned. Now it’s 12:31 in India and Monday, so I am going to go ahead and post, even though it’s still Sunday here….

Send your link or comment and I will list any on the theme next week.

Contributions from Mundane Monday #170: beach play.

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #171: faces

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  2. Colette B says:

    Hi, apologies that I couldn’t get myself back to posting even when I’d got the theme and taken some snaps toward it. Limited mobile data while awaiting ISP resolving ageing router now totally broken. Didn’t realise I missed so many posts! I’ll hopefully check back early in week and catch up with you better again soon. Best wishes to you.

  3. Here is mine for “faces.” As usual, it’s a different take on the theme.

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