On Thanksgiving I tried to capture a shot of one of our neighbor hummingbirds out the window. I have a feeder. They are so fast! Perched one moment and then gone. And yet I like the photograph….

Here is the best capture of this one…. not in focus but look at that red. This hummingbird’s throat looks green or dark from the side. The red is only straight on, flashed, startling and beautiful.

2017-11-24 givethanks 038.JPG

2 thoughts on “uncaptured

  1. Hummingbirds are my favorites…well, except for my local crows, uh and I guess, my eagles…oh heck. I love them all. I do feed the Hummers all year round and have been blessed with several good shots. I feed the crows also. Every morning I go outside and call them (“caw” them? No, just too corny.) They come for breakfast…for more than 30 years. I tell myself they are generations of the same family. Who knows.

    But I do love those Hummers. Had a neat experience with one this summer. You can read about it if you like.

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