A friend bought a house in Portland, Oregon. Last spring he was redoing the yard: all edibles.

“Wait,” I say, “what about the roses? Didn’t you say there are roses?”

“Yes,” he says, “Digging them up. Do you want them?”

“Yes!” I say.

I visit in Portland and drive back with three roses, roots but not much dirt, in a plastic bag. I think two are red. I plant all three in my front yard, with the deer fence. As high is is legal.

And here is the first bloom: an immigrant to Washington, a transplant, another color, a surprise! Lovely!



2 thoughts on “transplant

  1. shoreacres says:

    It’s beautiful. And honestly? I’m not that fond of red roses — this is more my speed. If a yellow one pops up for you, I’ll be really happy!

    • drkottaway says:

      Right now I have mostly pink: two that I chose and two that were in the yard and I rescued from the deer. And one red that didn’t bloom for the first 15 years here because the deer ate every bud. But I do want a gorgeous delicious smelling yellow rose!

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