Round one

This is for photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #101, and he has a round theme too. I was trying to get a photograph without all the kitchen chaos background and thought, oh, from above. Cats enjoy symmetry and design. Boa chooses this stool because our old furnace died and is replaced by a heat pump, high on the kitchen wall. The stool is the closest place to the warm air source: when no lap is available.

I am indoors occasionally….

7 thoughts on “Round one

  1. Boa? As in constrictor?

  2. trablogger says:

    Boa again makes an appearance in MMC! Round one is good. Hard to identify there is a cat!

  3. keebslac1234 says:

    My first thought was you were using a macro lense and captured a blueberry. Had to look at it for a spell.

    • drkottaway says:

      Oh, I like that… I think Boa might be offended, though, so I won’t tell her.

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