Nuf canoe

Platosgroove asks for a picture of the Nuf canoe I am repainting. Here it is sanded. It is a flat bottom plywood canoe that was designed by Carl Chamberlin of Basic Boats originally for a child to paddle around it. My two kids and I built it over ten years ago at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. The family boatbuilding allowed us to pay for materials, plans, space and volunteer help. My father came and provided tools. My daughter was four or five, I think, and son around ten. At one point my daughter said, “Mom, let go of the drill.” I did and she drilled the holes herself.

I have two coats of paint on the inside and one on the outside. I am painting it red to match “Sun Tui”, the 23 foot sailboat. One more coat on the outside and it can go back in the water.

This canoe weighs only 30 pounds, so I can move it from car to water easily. However, if we use it in the sound, we stay very close to shore: too tippy in the cold sound water.

4 thoughts on “Nuf canoe

  1. Even though red is my favourite colour, I rather love the worn teal look that the boat has right now. I expect it will look fantastic when it’s finished!

    • drkottaway says:

      My mother loved the “chinese red” that the boat was painted…. My father said that it was not his favorite but he kept it that color after she died.

  2. platosgroove says:

    So cool! I love making things. The arts are getting lost to Wal-Mart and cosco. Thank you!

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