Choice dream

Very soon after the angel dream came back I dreamed this:

I was in a house doing something and I realized suddenly that there were a lot of people present. It was a party. I had been so engaged that I had not noticed. It was not my house.

I saw my maternal uncle. I went to hug him: “Hello Uncle Rob!” He withdrew with his fierce expression: “I am not sure I want to hug you.” I shrugged.

I saw a female maternal cousin next, across a counter. We have been on opposite sides of a family issue. I reached across the counter and hugged her. She looked sad and disapproving, but she let me hug her.

I was hungry. We were going to have dinner, but it was not ready yet. I had a chocolate bar and pulled it out. Dark chocolate. A two year old curly headed blonde boy was eyeing me and the chocolate. I smiled at him. He smiled back, cautiously. “Who does this little boy belong to?” I asked, “And may I give him some chocolate?”

A large blond curly haired man turned and smiled at me. “He’s mine and yes you can.” he said, grinning.

I said to the boy, “I am going to pick you up and then I will give you some chocolate.” I picked him up. He was still being a little careful, glancing at his father to check in. I thought that the party was going to be fun, with the little boy and his father, and I woke up.

9 thoughts on “Choice dream

  1. Wow! You can really remember your dreams in such a vivid manner. That is magnificent. Do you have any idea what they mean/

    • drkottaway says:

      Went to talk to someone I trust about those two. The Jungians think that all the people you see in a dream are aspects of yourself. I wanted to ask about the angels. He said the angels counted as people and were aspects of myself. Honestly, I found it easier to own the grumpy uncle part than the angels…..

      • Ha! Ha! Never thought of interpreting dreams. It’s wonderful that you remember them enough to discuss them.

      • drkottaway says:

        Actually they are fascinating. In this one, I think my uncle and cousin represent two defense mechanisms that are still present but are not activated as much or for as long…and this is the first dream that I remember seeing a little boy rather than a little girl. So I think my animus has shown up in 3 different age guises. Also fours are supposed to be a number of completion, per Robert Johnson, PhD, though I am no expert.

      • Love it. Must research dreams more. It is such an interesting field. Thank yo so much for sharing.

      • drkottaway says:

        I don’t remember them unless I keep a pen and paper by the bed and write down right away. Well, the angel dream didn’t need to be written down, and a few others…..

      • So that is the key. Writing it down immediately. Thanks.

      • drkottaway says:

        I am told not so much to “interpret” them as to hold them in respect and relationship, as a snapshot of my psyche at that time. So it was startling to have the angel dream return in such vivid detail.

      • That makes a lot of sense. Snapshots.

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