Angel Witness

Even as you make
The same mistake
Cross the threshold
Open the door
Lift the glass

You feel the presence
Of angels
Drawn by the seriousness
Of your decision

Not to pull you away
From the cup
The drug
The wrong man
The dire pattern
You feel their intensity
The presence
As if outer space
Has clung to their wings
Or motes from heaven
The weight of their gaze
And their interest

Even as you make
The same mistake
It’s not the same
To sense an angel

previously published on an obscure writing site

7 thoughts on “Angel Witness

  1. The poetry & photography works beautifully together!

  2. breakdownchick says:


  3. menomama3 says:

    I feel that presence in your poem. Wonderful.

  4. Where to begin? This is a moving poem! The apparent contrast between the photo and the words offer a silent message. The image of angels witnessing the self-destructive action.
    /the presence of angels / drawn by the seriousness / of your decision.
    Such a powerful way of pointing out that there is a choice…. albeit a hard one.

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