The Tiny Soldier Part 4 (Flash Fiction Chain #5)

Here is my addition to trablog’s flash fiction chain 5, thanks!

Character List :

Rick – a not so ordinary ten year old

Jenna – a social service employee

Mrs. Montgomery (ma) – the foster mom

Jake – Mrs. Montgomery’s only son

Sun – The monkey


Read the first three parts before venturing this part.

Part 1 : Written by Abirami

Part 2 : Written by Sona

Part 3 : Written by hiddenstarsfiction

Part 4

Rick settled on the ground and Sun stood on the wires above him.

“I think better in motion, O Best Beloved.” said Sun. “You desire to know how I became the monkey? The first monkey?”

“Oh, yes,” said Rick. Books were his hiding place and passion and escape as a foster child, but to have someone TELL him a story….  He tried not to think about it or hope. They would probably be interrupted.

Sun looked up at her namesake, starting to warm the dry courtyard. “A’Tuin, the giant turtle who swims, you know of him?”

Rick nodded. “Discworld.” he said.

Sun frowned. “Oh. This isn’t Discworld, is it.” Rick shook his head. “You know that there are many universes? And many stories. Which is your origin story?”

“This is earth,” said Rick reluctantly. He often wished it were Discworld.

“Many stories.” said Sun, “You know many origin stories. In the Garden, Eve was made from the rib. That is what the book says. That is part of the story.

After Lucifer left heaven and became the Snake, Lucifer wanted power. Adam and Eve were to be thrown from the Garden, all for eating the Apple from the tree in the center. Adam and Eve had covered themselves and were hiding. They had named the animals and plants that were present but there was no Monkey.

Lucifer Snake wept out of frustration and rage. “Eve is too weak. She is only a rib. She can’t bear the children and bear the blame for the apple as well.” One of Lucifer Snake’s tears fell into the dirt. It held some of Lucifer’s remaining power from Heaven. The tear and the dirt shuddered and…”

“What are you doing?”  Jake was standing in the sun, his shadow falling over Rick.

Rick scrambled back. “Nothing!”

“Yeah?” said Jake. “Nothing? Stupid.”

“Isn’t your show on?” Actually Jake had shows all day. He did nothing before school but watch tv and after school he alternated. TV. Movie. TV. Movie. Ever since the game platform had broken. They couldn’t afford a computer or internet right now anyhow.

“Power’s off.” Jake muttered, head down. He was kicking at a pile of dirt.

Rick knew that Ma would not get the check for another two days. Then there would be a fine to turn the power back on. It had happened twice in the last five months. Eleven foster kids and Jake, but there was never enough to go around. Ma might be able to get help from the church, but she’s said she couldn’t use it too often or they’d cut her off.

“Army,” said Jake. “I told Alf and Wheeze that they are playing too. Now.”

Rick got up. He didn’t dare look at Sun and he didn’t want to get pounded. He wanted the story. He hoped Sun would understand.

In bed in the dark, tired, he worried that Sun would not come back. They were out of bananas and really out of most things other than oatmeal. At least they had that.

And the deep voice woke him. “The tear and the dirt shuddered. I rose out of it. I didn’t know who I was or what I was for. Lucifer looked at me and started laughing. “Go to them. Go to Adam and Eve and get your name.”

Adam had done the naming, but he had fallen asleep in the terror of the Apple. I went and there was Eve. She looked at me and said, “Hello. You are Monkey.” I threw my arms around her neck and cried. My tears carried Lucifer’s power and dripped onto her shoulder. The tears entered each cell and added power, and Eve passed them down to each child.  Through the mother, only. You too have Eve‘s mitochondria.

And that is one story of how I became the Monkey.”

Rick was crying a little. He hoped Sun couldn’t tell. He didn’t remember his mother. He wished he did. And he was tired, he didn’t like playing Army with Jake and Wheeze had skinned his knee and bled and Ma had been upset. “We are out of band-aids!” She used soap on the scrape and Wheeze had cried. Rick had tried to do what Jake said without getting hurt, but he didn’t like Wheeze getting hurt either.  He was also so glad that Sun had come back that he could hardly bear it.

“Will you tell me more stories? Please?” he whispered.

“Yes,” said Sun, “Now sleep….”

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  1. Samjoth says:

    Hello :)
    This was really touching and the way you defined the creation of “the monkey” !!

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    Wow. Wonderful. :)

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  7. writenlive says:

    Such a great idea of parallel worlds and stories. I love the mitochondrial connection and the way little Rick is reminded of his mother. You have created a child’s world so well and the tale goes ahead. Vivid!

  8. trablog says:

    so that is one story about ‘the monkey’. So now the next ones can think of more stories. That is a lovely way of making new threads. You \ came up pretty quickly with this story. That is nice

  9. amcmulin914 says:

    This was just wonderful, really. Like I don’t know how in four parts, you all have managed to pack in so many weighty, beautiful things, but here we are. Thanks again for a great link in this chain.

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    Wow, then Sun must be very old. Well done on the continuation of the story.

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