Please allow me to introduce myself

I have joined blogging 101 and missed yesterday’s assignment: to introduce myself.

Hello. I curtsy, but have to look up the spelling, because I spell it curtsey initially. So: I am not a great speller.

Hello. I am a mom, divorced, with two children, one over 21 and in college and one in 11th grade.

I am a rural family doctor.

I had strep A in my lungs and muscles in June and am just now getting permission to return to work part time. I had more time to blog.

I have been writing on everything2 since 2007. My sister started there in 2001 and became an editor. She married a Brit that she met on line. He was a “god” on the site. She was diagnosed with breast cancer between when they were engaged and when they were married. She died in 2012. I only had one sibling.

I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction, the latter mostly about medicine.

I am a madashell doctor, and traveled across the US in 2009 with the Oregon madashell doctors, giving talks about single payer health care, medicare for all. The United States health system is a terrible mess, geared for profit not people. It is amazingly awful and unfair. My sister had all the care in the world because she worked for Cal-trans, so was part of the largest Union on the planet, the California state government union. But she could have worked elsewhere, lost her job, lost her health insurance and died much sooner.

I have a cat and a fish.

I am very interested in the sufis and the zen buddhist teachings and some of my poems reference the Beloved.

Thank you.

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  1. trablog says:

    Good to meet you doc :)
    Happy blogging :)

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