The Ragtag Daily Prompt is valediction. Perpetua is starting the first (to my knowledge) Valedictionary, of letter sign offs. Cool beans.

Valedictionary is a new word. Mine, all mine, but you may use it! I will generously allow everyone to use it! It is valedictionariable! Another new word. I will accept suggestions as to the meaning. For now it will mean whatever I want it to mean when I use it. Words being malleable.

Now, Perpetua, you sign your post “Yours Robotically”. What does that valediction mean? You are an AI? You would like to be an AI? You are a robot? Your post was written with ChatGPT? I am curious.

How do I sign letters off?

Yours sincerely
Yours truly,
Respectfully submitted,
Your corporate policies grieve me,
My father has been dead for 13 years, stop mailing him your catalogs,
Holy cats,
Holy catwoman, batman,


*SWAK stands for Sealed With A Kiss, and we used that when we were kids. Not recommended for professional mail or during outbreaks of covid, influenza, RSV and other plagues.

Isn’t a real piece of snail mail a treasure now? I have quite a lot of blank cards that I’ve collected over the years. Good thing, because cards are now $4-8.00 each! OUCH! I mailed letters to all my children yesterday with recipe cards, from Maline’s memorial. A friend put her photograph on one side and copies of her recipes in her handwriting on the other. Maline was a fabulous cook, fine artist, record collector, made earrings and jewelry from antique buttons, I could go on and on. It was lovely to send the recipes to my children.

I took the photograph in Marshall, Michigan in March. I would LOVE to work in a ridiculous department. Hooray for Dark Horse Brewing Company. Next time I go there, maybe I can have a tour.

5 thoughts on “Valedictionary

  1. Perpetua says:

    I’m a nerd with a one track mind. With a zest for life, Perpetua

  2. I kept up a snail mail correspondence with a friend for many years after electronic communication became easy and cheap. I treasured those letters. One day he called me on his cell phone and things were never quite the same. Since his death I occasionally write letters to him.

    • drkottaway says:

      Awww, that is lovely. I’ll bet he reads them over your shoulder. I frequently talk to my sister. She’s been gone 13 years now.

      • I wondered what to do with them so I posted them on my blog. A children’s book I used to read involved some moles who wondered where to send their letters to Santa. A mouse told them he comes from up, so they might as well send them up. I figured the modern equivalent to “up” is the internet, so that’s where I send them. If he reads over my shoulder, I don’t have to send them at all. Since reading over my shoulder is something I find annoying, I think I’d notice if he were doing that.

        • drkottaway says:

          Well, then he wouldn’t read over your shoulder, would he? I like the internet equivalent to “up”.

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