On each new site we read the rules anew.
Check that we are not a bot and real.
Check that we will not link to porn or views
traumatic, that we promise not to steal
others work or game or avatar. Why is it
that in each site of any and every ilk,
someone has to watch and delete the bit
where the rules are broken, spilling milk.
The truth is we’ve learned how to behave
or rebel in neglected or violent homes.
I wonder if humans should be saved
when again the trolls must be stoned.
We think that humans should dwell on Mars.
We’ll need rules and moderators in the stars.

Sonnet 12

10 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Perpetua says:

    Bill C11 is coming to town. A rule for everyone but not for thee on misinformation and disinformation.

  2. Yes. My “rep” is now railing against Twitter for censoring her apparently unaware that it’s not a government entity but one of those bone spurs of free enterprise. Never mind that a year or so ago she banned me from Twitter for calling her a revered Anglo/Saxon medical term.

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