Fancy hammock


I am Elwha, cat.

Mother got us a hammock, a two story structure. Our food can be in the lower section and I can sit above and keep an eye on it. Even when the bowl is empty. I am still hungry, but she is being a little more generous. She still feeds us in separate rooms. My sister and I race to check each other’s bowl when she opens the doors again. I like the wet food. My sister likes the dry food. Mother gives each of us some of both. We trade.

I am still doing offerings in my bowl in hopes that Mother will be more generous with the food. My sister had her head in the food bag the other day but Mother saw her and closed it up. I wish I had hands. I would open more cans.

Meanwhile I do like the fancy hammock.


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: fancy.

10 thoughts on “Fancy hammock

  1. Perpetua says:

    The air breezing below keeps the belly of the cat cool.

  2. I once bought a hammock like that for the cat, he chose the box it came in!

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    Iowa’s told by my cats that humans were domesticated to open cans and bags of food for cats…it’s our purpose.

  4. lois says:

    I feed our cats in separate rooms, also. I’m not showing my cats your two-story hammock. They would immediately want one and that’s not happening. However, I would not mind one for myself.

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