new broom

I wrote this listening to this QUUF sermon on words:

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: mop. Where IS the mop in this kitchen? More mystery.


word word word

sometimes I think about words

you say, you come back
two weeks after I say something
and say you’ve been thinking
about what I said

yes, sometimes I don’t understand
your words
or I feel hurt by them

the emotions come first
the cascade of electrons and hormones
along nerves and in blood

I have learned over the years
to hold those feelings close
and often I don’t show them

until I am alone and can let them rise
the feelings rise
and I examine them

I fight internally about the words
what they mean, what you mean
were they mean or do I not understand?

and finally when the emotions subside
I can ask you, talk to you
say what did you mean by this?

You think I stew too much
at least
I have that impression sometimes

respectfully and gently I disagree
not yelling is very important to me
and to you as well

maybe these emotions are too much
too intense
I have been told that many times

but they are mine
and I hold them close
with love

and I hold you close with love
and try my best not to yell

words words words
be gentle with each other
hold your feelings close

don’t react to words
that confuse you
and wait until you can ask

what they mean