Playlist: Acceptance

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: acceptance.

Playlist: Acceptance

I will start with Norah Jones: Seven Years. Sometimes bad things happen and are happening now to little kids. “She’s a little girl, with nothing wrong, is all alone.” is beautiful. I wish the kids in the war zones had nothing wrong.

Next is a family song, my family. My mother learned this from her parents. Her grandparents were both Congregationalist Ministers. This is a totally cheerful sounding song about Judgement Day, called The Great Judgement Morning. My sister and father and I only did one recording session, over two days.

Malcolm Ottaway, Christine Ottaway and Katherine Ottaway singing The Great Judgment Morning

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Biko

And Sweet Honey in the Rock’s first “hit”: Joan Little. It was played on the news stations more that the music radio. Sometimes acceptance means accepting that we have to fight.

Randy Newman: Louisiana 1927

The Stanley Brothers: Oh Death. Well, that gets right to the point, doesn’t it? Took me a while to find this.

Over the Rhine’s The Long Surrender is an album that blows me away. I think all the songs are about acceptance in one way or another.

The Laugh of Recognition

All My Favorite People

Days Like This

From Blood Oranges in the Snow:

Let it Fall

Zucchero and Macy Gray: Like the Sun

Zucchero and Miles Davis

The photograph is my father Malcolm Ottaway at his 70th birthday, playing music with Andy Mackie. The photo below is my sister. These were taken by Maline Robinson in 2007ish, and I photographed the photos.