send the remaining vaccine to another country

I know that it sucks for US nurses and doctors and hospitals to say this. You are having to intubate and take care of and watch people die, who have refused vaccination. You are really really tired and discouraged and sick of death and sick of working way too many hours without a break.

However, I think it’s time to give up on the oppositional defiant section of the United States, say “ok, boomer” or twenty two year old or seventy old and send the rest of the vaccines to people who want it and who would be happy and grateful and glad. If we don’t help vaccinate the rest of the world, we’ll see more strains. They might morph to something milder than Delta. They might turn into something worse and more lethal.

Send the vaccine to people who want it.

3 thoughts on “send the remaining vaccine to another country

  1. Lou Carreras says:

    I am amazed at the “alternative” treatments like hydrogen peroxide in nebulizers, Ivermectin, and such. As an anthropologist, I worked with people who grew and used traditional herbal remedies. But almost all of those people actually preferred to use conventional medicine. The dance for those that used both was one of finding MDs who understood the interactions between the traditional and the conventional; hard to do even in my area.

  2. lois says:

    They are tired and discouraged and sick of death and sick of people wishing they had taken the vaccine as they lay dying, but they would rather quit than take the vaccine themselves. WTH?!

    • drkottaway says:

      I do not understand that either. Yes, I have an immune problem, though it’s a too much rather than too little antibodies. The vaccine may have contributed to me getting my non covid pneumonia in March, but that is better than getting covid, which I think would kill me. So the nurses and hospital staff and docs who are refusing vaccine: Covid-19 is WAAAY worse than the vaccine if you don’t have a working immune system, so that is not an excuse. And saying, “I haven’t gotten Covid-19 yet.” and being unimmunized, is like my heroin patients saying “I haven’t overdosed and died yet.” Uh, yes, but….

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